Thursday, April 25, 2013

We love Duck Dynasty!!

LOOK! Jessica Robertson, wife of Duck Dynasty star Jep Robertson, was seen wearing Judith March's   Montego-Navajo-Diamond-Chiffon-Maxi-with-Black-Ponte-Short-Underskirt be specific! 

The family traveled to Hawaii to enjoy some quality family time on the season 2 finale. Jessica looked gorgeous and I can't wait to hopefully work with the women of Duck Dynasty in the future! I LOVE their style and adore their southern pride and charm!

If anyone has a contact to these lovely women, I welcome comments to this post!! 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meg & Joel's Totally Righteous 80's Bash

This weekend we celebrated the soon-to-be-married Megan Crane, one of Judith March's fab-tastic designers! Her wedding is two weeks away, so as you can imagine, she is running around getting everything in order for the BIG day! 

Meg & Joel!
We decided to throw her and her bodacious fiance, Joel, an 80's themed pool party, complete with teased hair, high-cut swim suits, tie-dye and, of course, a banging playlist of the best 80's music! Meg and Joel dressed up as everyones favorite couple, Zack Morris (complete with neon backwards hat and boom box) and Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell

I figured the pool party would need some trained, professional life guards so me and Christopher dressed up as BayWatch life guards (like..duh). We kept everyone safe--don't worry! :P

Here are a few shots of the fun--everyone had such a fun time stepping back into one of America's favorite past times...sort of :)  

Can't wait for April 20th when this lovely couple finally say "I do!" So excited for their Big Day! 

Me and Christopher! We were the lifeguards for the pool party!

THE party people; Alexis, Kelsey, Megan and Susie--loved Susie's perfectly teased hair!