Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the air

Happy Valentine's Day
Lots of love already this Valentine's Day....Life wouldn't be complete without all my good friends and family. 

I gave this game to Fox for Valentine's Day and after looking at it for a couple of minutes...I decided to add my own little "love touch" to it.

This is my Best friend Kelly with the coolest dog in the world..."Ruby". Ruby enjoys going for walks, loves cats, and snuggling in bed.  Kelly, I am ready to take her off your hands whenever you are!!
Just thought I would add a little love quote to this post...for fun.
Louis is having a fabulous Valentine's day with his new bone.
Jack (one of Fox's best buddies) came over to play last night and when Mh (Jack's Mommy) and I were downstairs having mommy time...they decided to make some perfume for us....
Fox loved his chocolate fish he got for Valentine's Day.
If I made  a list of these wonderful people that this quote makes me think about...we would be here forever. 
Fox picking Jack up and showing his LOVE.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Atlanta Market and Fashion Show

Hard Work...but Worth it!!So, this weekend we had our Atlanta Fashion Show and everyone did such an amazing job!!! I am so proud of all of the girls at Judith March and all of the people that helped out from the Apparel Mart. The models were beautiful and the show was so organized. Many thanks to all of the people who made this event happen!! It takes a village and many months of work to pull off a show.  More pictures of friends and co-workers to come!!

I am going to be in debt to Bass Pro forever with all of the bribing I had to do to get Fox down the runway.  We walked down at the end and did our little wave to say Thank you...then walked off. 
Picture with all of the models!! They did awesome!! I have never felt so short in my life!! I had on 4 inch heels...so I am like 6'2" in this picture...These models are so beautiful and TALL!!
Blair and many other friends came to watch the show!!
Finale! I think Fox loved it!!
Anna Garrott started the show off by singing Etta James...."Somethings got a hold on me".  She rocked it out!!