Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas weekend

Christmas Eve and Day 2011
Sweet Melody's dad playing Santa on Christmas Eve night delivering presents.  He danced to "Run, Run, Rudolf" and wore a Santa hat that said Naughty and a Santa t-shirt that said Does this make me look fat? 
Fox got a Bearded Dragon from Santa and as you can see he loves him so much!! We named him ZZ. On a scary note, he is going to grow to be 24 inches long.  Thank God I was meant to be a boy mom.
Fishing on Christmas Eve day...It was around 70 degrees.  I lost the golf cart key out of my back pocket as I was wading out past the sandbar to cast....then the bait spilt in my car...it was squid and it fermented. With that being said, it was one of the best days ever. 
Thank you Gus and Hank for our frogs!! We love them so much, we named them, Gus & Hank.....(did I mention how long it takes me to feed all these animals in the morning before work?) 
Mel has such an amazing family. Fox and I were so excited to be invited over for fun at their house. It truly felt like home.
Fox waking up to see what Santa brought him for Christmas.
ZZ the bearded dragon
Baking cookies for Santa...Let's just say the pre-cut cookies are a lot easier, but we wanted fox Christmas cookies for Santa.

Did I mention how much I dislike these twisty things that are on every toy? They take hours!!
Christmas Eve day fishing with Fox.

Sharing some of my favorite tunes...

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Wishing a Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

Below is the Christmas card I sent out this year from Fox & me, my parents Christmas card that Tasia created here at the office, and the Judith March Christmas card. We had so much fun during this photo shoot at the Boat house in Watercolor. The monarch butterflies were everywhere. Thank you Dawn for another fabulous photo shoot. Thank you Tasia for editing and creating all of the cards below.

I can't tell you how much I love my Angel. 

He is growing up too fast!! I love my little man!

Fox loves to fish.

Fox caught one of the butterflies.

This is an old photo of me and my sister at Christmas when I was four years old.

This years trip to South Florida with all of the grandchildren. 

I love all of you girls at Judith March!! Thanks so much for another great year. I couldn't do it without all of you!! You are like family to me. 

One talented photographer

    We need photos all of the time here at the office for Deja-vu and for Judith March. Dawn Anderson is one talented photographer. In the fashion industry everyone always needs everything yesterday...so we tend to make last minute photo shoot requests...but somehow Dawn always comes through for us. She is so artsy, bohemian, and simply amazing!!! 

    I just wanted to share some of the photos she has taken for me..for work and for play. Did I mention that she has the most beautiful family?? Her sweet baby Chap and talented musician/husband Mike make up this fabulous family.

Dawn Chapman Anderson
with her sweet baby Chap on the green at Seaside
(I took this photograph with my Iphone one pretty day at Seaside)
Dawn, Chap, and Mike
This was taken on a really cold day at the beach. Dawn was about 7-8 months pregnant and let me be the first to say that it did not slow her down. She literally was rolling on the sand while taking pictures ....trying to get a good shot of me for an article. (Note:I am the absolute hardest person to photograph..my double chin really shows in pictures..she somehow always gets the shot) 
This one was taken in Dawn's backyard.... It was boiling hot that day.
I have these two canvas' up in my house. I love how she strokes the canvas with paint and finishes them off with a wax seal stamp/signature.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas at home

I just got home from my family Christmas with my parents and all of the grandchildren. It was so peaceful. I didn't want to leave. It's just something about home I can't explain.
We baked cookies at Aunt Sheree's house
We shucked oysters with Papa and Fox ate them right out of the shell!!
I played Santa Clause
The aftermath!! Granny went overboard again!
Fox in his hunting gear!!
Fox and Jackson on Fox's new four wheeler!!
Louis on Carter's new drapes that the sewing room made for her new room!!
We went target shooting and guess who hit closest to the bulls eye?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not your normal house guest

This past weekend one of my best guy friends (since junior high/highschool) stayed at my house with his wife, Elizabeth, and new addition baby Holland. I have to admit they were the perfect house guests. In fact they were more like family than guests... I miss them already!!
Louis loved Josh...he was always right beside him when Josh was working on the couch.
Such a sweet family!!
Fox loved helping out with baby Holland.
Fox has a new best friend.
Josh, Liz, and Holland...please come back soon!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rockin' Neighborhood Christmas Party

On Friday night I had a little Christmas party at my house. It consisted of great friends, fabulous music from Dread Clampitt, amazing food from Cowgirl Kitchen, and drinks from Emerald Coast Wine & Spirits. Paige Schnell from Tracery Interiors decorated my house this year for the holidays. She is so talented. Here are some pictures that show the atmosphere and how much fun we had....
You can find more of Paige Schnell's amazing talent on Tracery's blog

Great food!! from Cowgirl Kitchen!!

I designed these blue jeans last week and could not wait to wear them!!

Anna Garrott rocked it out with the band!!! Anna, you are an amazing talented singer!!!

Robin, my crazy/amazing accountant showing off a few of his dance moves.

Jane, Christie, Susan, and Me

Megan Chafin, Susie, Brittany, and Kendall

So I really couldnt say anything about Robin's dancing after I saw this picture of me. 

Kelly and Bart from "Balance"

Kelly, Stacy (from Duckies), and Meg

Kyle, Kenny, and John from Dread Clampitt

Anna, Christie, Britt, and Megan Chafin having fun!!

Anna feeling the music