Thursday, June 21, 2012

Troy University

Troy University has been a blessing to my life in so many ways! It was rewarding to be able to share these experiences that would not have been possible without them! The story is available in their online magazine, HERE. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What I Have Learned...

with a little help from my that
"You Only Live Once"

There are people in your life that are always matter what.  I love my friends and family!! Here are a few photos and videos of recent activity in my whirlwind of a life. 
That was my sweet friend Doug...Definitely brightened up my day.

Fox playing with his sweet friend Jack
Fox taking me for a yolo ride
Fox surfing
A little "momma time"
Our newest model "Cash" wearing "made in the Deep South"
Catching a barracuda
Fox was so happy when he caught this turtle with his fishing pole.
Fun times with Christopher

The King of YOLO

Friday, June 1, 2012

Love & Marriage

"Mr. and Mrs. Denny"
"Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
Recently, I have had many weddings to go to and be apart are two weddings that are very special to me and hit close to the heart.

Anna and Burke Denny
Anna has been a part of my life since grade school. We cheered together all through Junior High and High School. She is an amazing friend and did I forget to mention that.....
-she was my first employee ever and is still working with me
-her father, Dr. Steve Garrott, was one of my college professors at Troy University and inspired me to do what I do today!!!
-her mother, "Mrs. Prescilla" is an amazing woman that raised this fabulous offspring and stops by the office not often enough!
-last but not least....Anna was blessed and found a wonderful man, Burke. I am so happy for them. It is so nice to see a couple so happy and in love!

Megan, Alexis, Anna, Abby, and Brittany
Megan, Alexis, and Brittany work at Judith March and are a part of our big family. Abbey is one of the sweetest girls I have had the pleasure of meeting in Anna's life.

My Dad and me at Anna and Burke's wedding

Christy and Rob Smith
Christy is one my best friends in the entire world!! Honestly, she is my sister...Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Jackie practically helped raise me...when we were teens.  I love them so much.  She has had me under her wing and practically raised me herself since 5th grade.... She helped me get started with Judith March.
Christy is the most talented person I have ever known. I was maid of Honor in her wedding at Rosemary this year.
I am so happy she found her prince, Rob Smith. They are perfect together.

Christy and her mother, Jackie Carlisle
Me, Christy, and Mrs. Jackie