Thursday, August 30, 2012

Live to Work, Love to Live

First was Kelly's bach party in New Orleans

We have all been on the road lately...even little Louie
Sweet Megan holding all of my magazines that I bought in the airport, because my back hurt so bad from carrying them.
My Sweet friend Blair sent this to me with this caption on it. This was taken on the sidewalk in New Orleans. 
Desperate for a phone the only one left in the airport was in the middle of the walkway...Megan, as usual, took the proper safety precautions and put the child's booster seat on top of it.
Jacque and Janis in Vegas
Deepak, our India factory owner, was also in Vegas.
Some of the girls in New Orleans for Kelly's bach trip.
Fox and his new dog paddling around in Grayton.
All of the tshirts had special meaning. Angel was my first dog and Tennille was the street that I lived on growing up. Note to everyone.....I normally don't wear tutus or tube socks! We were all good sports for Kelly!
Joel babysat Louie for me while I was gone.
Everyone needs a little mountain/sunset time after a long adventure.
The girls were so tired after Vegas was finally over.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who am I Going to be Today?

Mom? Designer? Fisherman? Cook? PTA Member? CEO?

Sometimes I wear about five different hats in one day....Christie at the office likes to ask what personality/mode will I be in today? So here is a glimpse of the fun....

Fox at the Dentist
Fox caught a 7 pound bass.....he was so proud!! & I was too!
Photo shoot time
Orientation for Kindergarten...I even signed up for PTA
This is how I feel most days around 5pm
Sometimes breakfast is challenging too!
Loved Spending time with Nina Debrev on the set of Vampire Diaries
Meg and I working hard at the new line "Jacque & Janis"