Friday, January 31, 2014

The Atlanta debut of Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House

After three days of waiting for icy roads to thaw, numerous plan changes, lots of patience & flexibility and a wonderful team who tirelessly worked to make everything you are about to see happen....we finally arrived in Atlanta for the debut of Southern Fashion House's line, Missy Robertson!

We were originally supposed to drive to Atlanta from Santa Rosa Beach, FL {roughly a 5 hour drive} on Wednesday, however, the polar vortex that was winter storm Leon, decided to challenge us a bit. With a number of bridges in Florida closed due to ice, and traffic jams on all roads leading into Atlanta, we were forced to wait out the storm until conditions bettered.

After many changes and delays we ended up flying into Atlanta around 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon {Just in time for our press conference and fashion show...literally, just in time}.

So just remember, as you scroll through the following pics, its kind of a miracle everything finally came together! I am so blessed with such amazing opportunities and a great team!

For more information on Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House visit the Southern Fashion House website!

Enjoy all the pics :)
Much love,


Morgan, Kevin and I in the airplane ready to get to Atlanta! {ready is kind of an understatement}

Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House fashion show at Atlanta Apparel Mart!
Missy & I after the fashion show. I'm so blessed to get to work with such an amazing woman. 
The SFH team helping customers place orders!
Susie & Christy working the booth!

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  1. How FUN! I love your white dress with the fringe - so pretty! We really don't know what the heck to do when a snow storm hits the south do we? :)
    Nikki at