Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It is one of my favorite times of year; Deer Hunting Season. Not only does it bring back memories of growing up in South Alabama, surrounded by the hunting culture, but it also is one of the most beautiful times of year in the South. 

The trees shed their green leaves in exchange for radiant orange and red ones. The air has a crispness to it that warms and chills my body all at once. The south Alabama weather and nature are astonishingly beautiful, however, that beauty doesn't compare to the gorgeous smile of my little boy, Fox, during this time. His joyous giggles and excitement are enough to make my heart burst with love. I cannot begin to explain to you how much he loves hunting and being in the great outdoors. He is truly wild at heart. 

Fox last year in Alabama.

 Last month I took him to Big Horn, a hunting ranch in Texas. He had such a great time meeting all sorts of exotic animals and hunting deer. While I was there I realized there were a few items I wish I had. Breath mints, for instance, and bug spray, and hand warmers, and ... well you get my point. 
Then it hit me. Deer Season Survival Kit. That was exactly what I needed. 

Complete with an array of items you are sure to need in your time in the wilderness. 

"Love Me Like You Love Deer Season" Judy Koozie
Hot Hands {for those freeeeezing early morning trips}
Mouth Wash + mini dissposable toothbrush {in case you need to freshen up a bit}
Mini Flash Light
Bug Repelent
Ear plugs

Deer Season Survival Kit; available at Deja Vu Stores.
The Deer Season Survival kits are available at Deja Vu stores. If you'd like to order online please follow the link below

Even my employees know my admiration for Deer Hunting--i suppose it is hard to hide.

The exterior wall of my house; I couldn't resist... :P


  1. This is so crazy! My name is Stephanie Carter too! I just happened to be googling my (our? haha) name and came across your blog, which is so crazy because I have a blog too! The difference though is that I can't harm animals. No disrespect though, each to their own.

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  3. Stephanie, how did you get the letters so pretty on the outside of your house? I am decorating my room with this theme and would love to have it across one wall. :)

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